Infectious Disease/COVID Supply Chain & Worker Management Solution

Ensure awareness and adherence of new regulations by all workers coming onsite.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Our supply chain management solution helps you immediately verify all your suppliers, contractors and workers coming onto your site have met all the prequalifications, documentation and training requirements that you mandate.

Ensure the Safety of Your Entire Workforce

Instill confidence and trust you are taking steps to manage the safety of workers and compliance to new guidelines. Veriforce offers a solution so safety and operations professionals can streamline assigning, tracking, verifying and reporting new policies and procedures, as they relate to worker safety.

Communicate Policies & Monitor Compliance for Your Contract Workers & Suppliers

  • Communicate and document delivery of all new COVID-19 policies and procedures to your contractors, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Request questionnaires, insurance certificates, business continuity plans, updated pandemic policies, worker certifications, licenses, etc. from your contractors and suppliers.
  • Scrutinize and store all requested documents BEFORE outside contractors and suppliers arrive.

Comply With New CDC & OSHA Requirements

  • Assist contractors and suppliers with sourcing imperative Pandemic Policies.
  • Provide standardized Infectious Disease training on newly instated COVID-19 safety policies and procedures for all workers and plant visitors.
  • Confirm that everyone coming to your site has satisfied all of the necessary requirements.
  • Post vital COVID-19 informational posters encouraging staying home when sick, cough and sneeze etiquette, and proper hand hygiene practices. Download English or Spanish

Issue & Verify New Training

  • Deliver standardized COVID-19 Infectious Disease awareness and prevention training for workers, supervisors, suppliers and contractors. 
  • Access records of completion for all COVID-19, orientation and skills training with knowledge retention testing and online real time verification for all workers coming onto your site.

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Prevention & Control Policy Writing Service

Corporate pandemic policies are indispensable when companies are faced with a worldwide health crisis. A comprehensive policy, coupled with a standardized training plan that includes testing and verification instills confidence and trust that you are taking steps to manage the safety and compliance of your workforce.

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Infectious Disease Training Series

A standardized Infectious Disease, COVID-19 awareness, and prevention training program which includes testing to confirm knowledge retention ensures your employees, contractors, and suppliers know how and when to take preventive measures, understand the roles everyone plays, and most importantly how not to become a victim during a health crisis.

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Contractor, Vendor & Worker Management

Streamline your contractor, supplier and worker management to ensure you are taking all necessary steps to manage the safety of your workforce and compliance to new policies, procedures and regulations.

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Contractor, Vendor & Worker Assessment

Real-time access to records of completion for all COVID-19 training with knowledge retention testing and online real-time verification for all workers coming onto your site.

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Why Veriforce

Thousands of companies rely on Veriforce’s comprehensive, integrated, supply chain risk management solutions to help bring their workers home safely each day. Veriforce’s contract worker management and compliance software solutions, data integrity and verification, coupled with hundreds of safety training programs empower leading organizations to drive safety and compliance down to the worker level and enable better business. We help safety-conscious companies monitor their entire workforce including vendors, suppliers and contract workers are qualified to make job sites safer, more productive, and achieve optimal business performance.