Become an Evaluator

The Evaluator Authorization Training course teaches students the skills needed to become a Veriforce-authorized evaluator. The class is highly-interactive. You will have the opportunity to conduct mock evaluations to practice your evaluator skills, and you’ll use individual “clicker” devices to participate in quizzes and exams throughout the course.

Specific topics covered include:

• OQ Rule basics and the role of the evaluation process in qualifying individuals
• Evaluation methods and how to conduct a proper evaluation
• Use of Record of Evaluation forms and training documentation
• “Span of Control” limits
• General tips for being an effective evaluator

Course Length: 8 hours

Onsite Training

In addition to offering this course at our Houston-area training facility and other locations across the US, the Evaluator Authorization Training course can also be delivered onsite at a client’s preferred location (5 student minimum). Email for details and pricing.

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