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Learning Management System

Better training for a safer workforce

Deliver safety orientations, skills training, and customized learning content to your workforce with Veriforce Learn, a learning management system designed to keep your supply chain ecosystem safe.

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Make it easier to work safely

An LMS reduces the risk of incidents occurring due to a lack of training. Whether you’re rolling out a training requirement for third-party contractors, equipping your employees, or promoting safer work practices as a training provider, Veriforce Learn is an efficient, cost-effective strategy.

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For hiring clients

Implement training requirements and monitor worker engagement and compliance in real time.

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For contractors

Train your workers with standardized safety content from the safety LMS trusted by hiring clients around the world.

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For instructors

Become an authorized instructor and orient and train workers using our established industry-leading courses.

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For workers

Receive a personalized training ID that shows you’ve completed the necessary classes to conduct work on-site.

Access world-class training any time, anywhere

Veriforce Learn houses a vast library of virtual and classroom-based learning led by certified instructors around the world.

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Optimize the learning experience with instructor-led training

Leverage our network of certified instructors to deliver interactive, engaging classroom training for SafeLand Basic Orientation, H2S Clear, Basic Pipeline, and much more.

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Reduce onsite training time with virtual, on-demand training

eLearning allows workers to complete training online, at their own pace, from anywhere in the world. Access hundreds of courses related to general safety, pipeline covered tasks, and more with elements such as games, simulations, knowledge checks, and final exams. All courses are designed to help you satisfy regulatory requirements, drive safety improvements, and elevate your team’s technical skills.

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Create customized orientation and training programs

Upload internal company and third-party learning content

Add your existing content to Veriforce Learn and enhance it with custom quizzes and exams.

Create standard training programs

Organize training materials and content to create new programs based on job title, business location, regulatory requirements, and more.

Create rules to assign training and testing

Define worker job titles and auto-assign training or qualification requirements to all individuals with that job title.

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Monitor training, progress, and results

Customize manager and trainee settings to receive email notifications about workers’ training progress, completion, and expirations.

Veriforce Learn is powered by the world’s largest supply chain network

The global Veriforce Network brings hiring clients, contractors, instructors, and evaluators into one platform to reduce business risk and maximize business outcomes.


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Deliver training that makes an impact

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