What is supply chain sustainability?

Sustainability (def.): the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level

A sustainable supply chain is an ecosystem working in harmony to maintain a certain level of safety, compliance, and risk management. No small feat for large, complex supply chains. To create a truly sustainable supply chain, each stakeholder has to work in unison. If one piece is out of place — prequalification, training, reporting, anything — the system begins to fall apart.

Roles and responsibilities in a sustainable supply chain

Hiring Clients

Source qualified, competent contractors

Hire third parties that share your commitment to safety and ESG initiatives.

Communicate expectations to your third-party workforce

Ensure all contractors are trained, verified, and ready to work.

Proactively identify risks

Leverage technology to improve supply chain visibility and make decisions.

Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers

Demonstrate safety and compliance

Meet regulatory standards, follow safety protocols, and stay compliant.

Train and equip workers

Provide best-in-class safety training, worker competency evaluations, and drug and alcohol screening for your workers.

Achieve better business outcomes

Complete projects safely, efficiently, and with quality, so that you can move on to the next work opportunity.

Instructors and Evaluators

Teach critical safety training programs

Meet the rising demand for training and contribute to building a safe, qualified workforce.

Qualify individuals to perform covered tasks

Assess individuals’ abilities to safely execute tasks within an OQ program.

Create training cost-efficiencies

Offer in-house training to elevate company standards and reduce outsourcing.


Demonstrate work readiness

Order, track, and manage verifications and status for work.

Create efficiencies for employers

Provide employers with a digitized solution for pre-screening and worksite access.

Stay up-to-date with training

Maintain qualifications and meet training requirements with ongoing learning content.

A sustainable supply chain means everyone is working in sync

The right technology and the right industry experts can get you there. Veriforce is the leading global supply chain risk management solution that empowers you to create a profitable, sustainable supply chain.

The business case for supply chain sustainability is clear

Safer workplaces

Qualified, well-trained workers uphold safety standards and experience fewer workplace incidents.

More operational efficiencies

Seamless cross-departmental collaboration reduces downtime and creates tangible time and cost savings.

Positive impact

Accurate, transparent ESG reporting ensures sustainable operations throughout the entire supply chain.

Less business risk

Greater supply chain visibility and control proactively reduces the risk of incidents, brand damage, and environmental impact.

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