Eliminate the Blind Spots
In Your Supply Chain

As your supply chain grows in size and complexity, so does the amount of unmonitored, subcontracted work.

Failure to uphold your standards at the subcontractor level may cause disruptions, delays, reputational damage, and costly violations. The Veriforce Subcontractor Management solution makes it easy for you to gain full visibility into the safety and compliance of all subcontractors that perform work for you.

Ready to gain insights into your subcontractors?

Why Track
Subcontractor Compliance?

Uphold your standards at all levels of your supply chain

You can’t control what you can’t see. Veriforce makes it easy for you to see and control which contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers perform work on your behalf.

Make informed decisions that reduce risk

With visibility into your entire supply chain, you can make smarter decisions on how to manage risk at all levels to achieve better outcomes.

Eliminate delays and increase productivity

Avoid unnecessary incidents by ensuring all levels of contractors meet your standards. Primes and subcontractors receive the same level of Veriforce support to maximize compliance.

Manage your entire supply chain in one system

Veriforce eliminates the need to manage primes and subs in different systems. That means you have a more complete view with less effort.

How it Works

All of your known primes and subcontractors will be onboarded into the Veriforce Network

Any unknown subcontractors will be identified by your primes and Veriforce will onboard them into the Network

You get full visibility into all levels of your supply chain at no additional cost


Simple, intuitive
hiring client interface

World-class support for
primes and subcontractors

At-a-glance compliance status at all levels

Easy-to-request connections for clients, primes, and subs

Predictive capabilities to
determine risk of workforce

Automatic notifications

Real-time reporting of supply chain’s compliance status

No additional cost to you,
the hiring client

Need to gain full visibility into the safety and compliance of all subcontractors that perform work for you?