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Worksite Management

Empower your workforce while delivering fast and compliant site entry

Track and manage risk and compliance profiles for individual worksites, projects, divisions, or countries to improve visibility and accelerate project timelines.

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Simplify the way you manage worksites for better business results

Managing multiple worksites in different countries is complicated. Diverse regulations, safety standards, labor laws, and even languages, can lead to fragmented data and poor visibility for decision-making. Our global worksite management solution gives you back control, enabling you to see all worksite data — individually or aggregated — within one platform.

Worker Empowerment

Empower workers to confirm their identity and industry qualifications quickly and easily, reducing delays and allowing them to get to work immediately.

Mobile Digital Passes

Equip your workers’ phones or badges with a “Go/No-Go” indicator with three checks: drug & alcohol, background, and site access.

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Reduce on-site delays

Require suppliers and employees to complete worksite safety training before they arrive on-site to accelerate project delivery.

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Improve workforce communication

Send direct messages to employees and suppliers within the platform to ensure they have the details they need to work safely at their specific worksite.

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Centralize data and decision-making

See individual worksite dashboards or aggregate data to make business decisions based on real-time worksite data

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Keep tabs on your assets

Track asset inspections, maintenance records, and regulatory requirement tracking to reduce equipment-related safety risks.

Here’s how it works

The implementation of Veriforce WorkerPass has been a game changer for us. It’s a new era of efficiency, transparency, and accountability for our organization. We no longer need to worry about things slipping through the cracks. When it comes to compliance at the worker level, this solution catches everything. It enables us to access critical information like drug and alcohol tests, certifications, and training records instantly. It truly allows us to make more informed decisions and be more proactive with risk mitigation.

Southern Power Representative

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Track and report compliance at the worksite level

Customize both your own and your suppliers’ compliance views to track the worksite safety, risk, and compliance details most relevant to you. Real-time reporting and analytics dashboards make it easy to monitor every worksite and proactively identify risks before issues arise.

  • Training delivery, tracking, and reporting
  • Precision automation for site-specific regulatory requirements and safety practices
  • Worksite document management, including worksite policies, job site safety inspections, work audits, and more
  • Visibility into health and safety incidents, emergency responses, and corrective or preventive actions
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Streamline worksite access

Ensure all workers coming on-site are compliant with your requirements. Pre-screen workers prior to accessing the worksite to confirm that they have the verifications and qualifications required to safely complete work at that site.

  • Streamline worksite access with Mobile Digital Passes
  • Efficient site access with QR code scanning
  • Verification of third-party administrator (TPA) screening, safety training, and other requirements
  • Ability to customize and initiate notifications to workforce
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Analyze worksite risk and performance like never before

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