Veriforce is a contractor safety and supplier management services software solution that enables companies to hire and manage safe and certified contractors, and safeguard their supply chain.


Safety Program Evaluations

We have expert safety professionals personally auditing each Standardized Safety Questionnaire, rather than a simple visual computer review. We identify gaps in coverage and work side-by-side with contractors to correct those deficiencies, ensuring a safer workplace for all.

ESG Risk & Compliance Supplier Management Services

With the changing regulatory environment and investors renewing their focus on sustainable businesses, there is increasing demand for organizations to develop and meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandates.

Veriforce’s ESG capabilities allow clients to gather and track ESG information from their supply chain as part of their existing risk and compliance management process in our platform. By doing so, we handle the complexities of ESG tracking across your supply chain, so you do not have to. Learn more.

Certified Contractors + Workforce Vetting Software

Veriforce empowers hiring clients by streamlining the pre-qualification and hiring process. Contractors create profiles to showcase skills and experience and build their brand. Learn more about starting a Contractor profile.

Veriforce Predictive Solution

Veriforce in partnership with Predictive Solutions, a world-renowned expert in machine learning and predictive modeling for safety, has developed the industry’s first Contractor Management Predictive Safety Tool. Predictive is an innovative and cutting-edge forecasting model powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to alert hiring clients to contractors with a standard, elevated or high-risk potential. Using predictive modeling we are able to rank a contractor’s risk level relative to their peers and provide that rank categorization to hiring clients as an additional tool to prequalify their contractor base.

Certificate of Insurance Verifications

Veriforce helps companies mitigate third-party and supply chain risk by enabling them to easily and efficiently manage insurance qualification for vendors of all sizes, verify which vendors meet coverage requirements, and keep on top of contractor/vendors’ policy expirations.

Get a detailed view of vendors’ compliance with your insurance requirements

Centrally track and maintain insurance coverage information for all of your contractors, suppliers, and other vendors using a single, web-based application that offers the flexibility to meet the needs of any industry.

Quickly see each contractor/vendor’s status to verify which ones meet your company’s coverage requirements.

Leverage vendor dashboards to easily access all your vendors’ insurance coverage details and certificates of insurance (COIs).

Integrate this solution to share key vendor data – such as current insurance status – with procurement, ERP, risk management, or other enterprise or proprietary systems, enabling a more complete view of contractor/vendor relationships and your supply chain.

Streamline contractor/vendor insurance qualification and management processes

Proactively manage upcoming policy expirations. We provide detailed reporting capabilities and email reminders for your contractors/vendors well in advance of the expiration. Communication is sent to your contractors/vendors at multiple milestones leading up to the day of policy expiration.

Confirm the validity of your contractor/vendors’ coverage: as a value-added service included with our software, Veriforce Insurance Verification Specialists review all submitted insurance data against a contractor/vendor’s COI.

Accelerate contractor/vendor time-to-work

Our Insurance Verification Specialists provide a quick turn-around time of 1 to 2 business days on insurance verifications.

Eliminate guesswork: in the contractor/vendor’s view of Compliance Pro, contractors/vendors know exactly what must be completed to get compliant with your insurance requirements, getting them to work more quickly.

Tailor your insurance prequalification solution to support your company’s specific procurement and risk management requirements

Leverage the software’s flexible, client-side configuration capabilities to group your contractors/vendors based on their size, work types, or other criteria or risk factors and customize each group’s insurance requirements.

Automatically enforce contractor/vendor compliance with insurance requirements that align with your company’s procurement and supply chain risk management policies, including the ability to specify unique contractor/vendor-specific requirements.

Gain a comprehensive view of contractor/vendor compliance beyond your insurance requirements

Simplify management of contractors, suppliers, and other vendors with integrated Veriforce applications to manage safety prequalification.

Get a one-stop view of each contractor/vendor’s compliance and commitment to safety so you can easily identify vendors that are ready to go to work, make more informed vendor selection decisions, and, ultimately, lower your risk.

Hiring Client


Compliance Pro, the Veriforce contractor management solution, was developed with support from Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.