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California’s Largest Oil and Natural Gas Producer Turns to Veriforce to Safely and Efficiently Operate Critical Infrastructure

California Resources Corporation (CRC) is California’s largest oil and natural gas exploration
and production company. It leverages advanced technologies to maximize production in a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient manner, relying on a highly-skilled workforce of more than 3,000 employees and a vast network of specialized contracting service companies.

It’s this modern workforce that adds a layer of complexity to CRC’s operations, requiring the company to carefully vet prospective contractors and continuously monitor to assure that they meet and adhere to company and industry-specific qualifications and safety requirements.

“We believe our safety culture encompasses everyone who works on our operations, including our suppliers and vendors, and we need best practices, technology and industry expertise to keep workers, worksites and communities safe,” said a professional from CRC’s health and safety team.

Partnering with Veriforce, CRC is able to prequalify third-party contractors’ to ensure their safety readiness and monitor ongoing compliance from a single, powerful platform, empowering it to mitigate risks throughout its entire supply chain.

Strengthening Contractor Management to Create Safer Workplaces

CRC had previously relied on another contractor management solution but was dissatisfied with the partnership and the technology it provided.

“We were frustrated with the lack of communication, overall customer experience, and with the rigid nature of our former software provider’s technology,” said a CRC safety professional. “We felt fairly disorganized in terms of where our contractor data was input and how it was tracked and utilized. We needed a better solution.”

In 2018, CRC engaged Veriforce, the leading supply chain risk and compliance management provider, to solve these challenges and better protect its workforce and business. Veriforce worked closely with the energy company to understand its unique needs. Leveraging its environmental health and safety expertise, Veriforce customized its platform, collapsing four interfaces into one seamless portal. The solution completely integrates with CRC’s contractor needs, including metric tracking, exposure-hour reporting, and its leading indicator reporting mechanism, and syncs with the company’s existing internal processes to create efficiencies and improve visibility into important safety data.

“Veriforce exceeded our expectations,” said CRC’s safety professional. “The collaboration between the two organizations has created great efficiencies within the CRC HSE Department, empowering the team to quickly determine contractor compliance. It has also streamlined data tracking by providing actionable data that allows for a pinpoint focus on our service providers.”

“Since partnering with Veriforce, CRC has recorded historically low TRIR rates,” said a health and safety team leader for CRC.

As part of the powerful Veriforce Network, CRC is able to make safer hiring decisions and onboard contractors to start work more quickly, reducing risk and paving the way for continued growth.

“Veriforce’s ability to provide quality products—in a timely manner—has continued to foster a great partnership with CRC,” said the CRC safety professional. “The onboarding process was expedited and seamless, and Veriforce’s involvement in our service provider meetings allowed for great question and answering and really expedited the process. What’s more, Veriforce saves us auditing time and gives us peace of mind that our service providers have compliant programs.”

Transitioning to Veriforce’s Global Contractor Management Solution

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly turning to Veriforce for help in identifying and mitigating risks that are inherent to working with third-party contractors. Veriforce offers them flexibility, reduces costs, and provides an authentic safety partnership.

“Making the move to Veriforce is more straightforward than people think,” said Sandra Cashe, Chief Customer Officerat Veriforce. “We do the heavy lifting—informing all of the client’s contractors and employees about the change, introducing them and helping them make the switch to their new world-class platform.”

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