Safety Meetings

Conducting and documenting safety meetings is a requirement of most operators. Safety Meetings greatly reduces our subscribers’ need to develop their own safety meeting materials.

Each month, our subscribers are automatically emailed safety meeting materials, enabling them to easily conduct periodic professional safety meetings with their employees. Veriforce will provide a meeting presentation concerning a safety topic, matching student quiz, an answer sheet, and a student sign-in sheet (roster). All you have to do is conduct the meeting and file it. If your company is audited, you can be confident that this operator requirement has been fulfilled.

As part of our industry-recognized safety meetings package, you will receive a certificate with the monthly safety meeting email. For all participating employees, you can present a certificate of completion.

Below are free samples our safety meetings. Subscribe today for a complete list of safety meetings, including presentations, tests, and certificates.

Meeting Topic: Impaired Driving – Effects & Areas of Concern

Meeting Topic: Hydrogen Sulfide – Sources, Characteristics, Exposure Limits, & Protection

Meeting Topic: Office Safety – Common Office Hazards & Prevention

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