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Veriforce Safety Series: WMHS & Strathcona Resources Ltd.

Veriforce Safety Series with Workplace Material Handling & Safety
Henry Goldstein, HSE Manager with Strathcona Resources Ltd. talks about the importance of working with contractors who are compliant and aligned with his company’s safety culture expectations. Henry explains how Veriforce has helped Strathcona Resources take a more targeted approach when it comes to the contractors that they want to work with. Therefore, raising the bar and reflecting his company’s safety culture in their contractor workforce.
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About Workplace Material Handling & Safety
Workplace Material Handling & Safety is a reference tool for buyers and sellers of new, used and surplus equipment, materials, services and supplies. Types of equipment/services include, but are not limited to: containers & bins, conveyors, cranes, forklifts, loaders/unloaders, pallets & palletizing, racks & shelving, recycling/reusables, safety/training, storage, transportation/logistics and material handling auctions.
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We help companies optimize contractor and supplier management processes, resulting in improved safety metrics, reduced risk, time and cost-savings.

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