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The Challenge

Tracking Worker Training and Compliance

CNX Resources, a leading player in the North American energy sector, faced a significant challenge in ensuring worker compliance with mandatory training requirements. Their previous tracking system suffered data loss, throwing their entire process into disarray. With limited visibility into worker training completion, CNX was forced to revert to a rudimentary trust-based system using hard hat stickers – a solution fraught with uncertainty and risk.

The potential consequences were serious. Up to 40% of workers arriving on site had unknown training statuses, creating a significant compliance gap. CNX urgently needed a new system to restore order and ensure worker safety.

The Veriforce Solution

An Innovative Platform to Track Compliance in Real Time

CNX partnered with Veriforce to implement a solution that would effectively track worker training and streamline the compliance process. Being the second adopter of Veriforce WorkerPass, CNX played a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s functionalities. A key requirement was the ability to administer memory checks to reinforce training knowledge. Since this wasn’t a built-in feature at the time, Veriforce collaborated with CNX to develop a customized solution that met their specific needs.

The entire implementation process was completed within a remarkable timeframe. Initial discussions began in October, requirements were finalized in mid-November, and the system underwent user acceptance testing in December. By January, WorkerPass was fully operational, marking a significant leap forward for CNX’s compliance efforts.

We’re also impressed with the efficiency gains and cost savings that WorkerPass has delivered.

-Donald Lindsey, PSM Manager at CNX


Efficiency, Savings, and Safety

The implementation of WorkerPass has yielded significant benefits for CNX. The system streamlined the workflow for CNX’s staff, allowing them to focus on other crucial tasks.

More importantly, WorkerPass has enhanced safety on CNX worksites. With real-time training data readily available, CNX can now confidently verify that workers have completed the necessary training before they enter a work area.

“Veriforce WorkerPass has been a game-changer for CNX,” says Donald Lindsey, PSM Manager at CNX. “The system has given us the confidence and peace of mind that our workers are properly trained and qualified, which is essential for ensuring safety on our worksites. We’re also impressed with the efficiency gains and cost savings that WorkerPass has delivered.”

As of March 21, 2024, WorkerPass has significantly improved compliance at CNX. The platform has recorded over 4,476 completed check-ins, with workers logging nearly 1,990 hours watching mandatory orientation videos. Additionally, 170 untrained workers were identified during this time.

With plans to leverage WorkerPass data for contractor audits, CNX is poised to take its compliance efforts to the next level.

Ready to Transform Your Worker Compliance Process?

CNX Resources’ successful implementation of Veriforce WorkerPass serves as a compelling testament to the platform’s effectiveness in streamlining worker compliance and enhancing safety in the workplace.

Connect with us and discover how Veriforce WorkerPass can help your organization achieve the same safety and efficiency benefits as CNX Resources.

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