Risk Management & Compliance

Identify and mitigate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks across your supply chain

Struggling to gather ESG information from your supply chain? You’re not alone.

In a recent survey we discovered that 61% of respondents saw ESG data collection as a major gap in their operations. Veriforce helps companies overcome this major hurdle by seamlessly integrating our ESG capabilities into your existing risk and compliance management processes.

  • Track the ESG health of your supply chain
  • Build and refine your ESG mandate
  • Hire third-parties who align with your ESG goals
  • Attract investment
  • Meet ESG standards

Built to meet your needs now and in the future.

Our ESG capabilities span the entire ESG spectrum, allowing you to manage the risks relevant to your business today and in the future.

With Veriforce, you can:

Develop an ESG Mandate

With various levels to choose from, you decide how in-depth you want to track so you never get lost in the data again.

Hire for Alignment

Hire material suppliers and contractors who align with your ESG goals to protect your people, company, and brand.

Track for Investment

Appeal to investors by demonstrating your commitment to ESG and sustainability practices.

See how Veriforce can help you manage ESG risks in your supply chain.

Request a 30-minute demo to see the solution in action and how it seamlessly fits into your existing processes.

Did you know that ESG risks can significantly impact companies?

Common impacts are supply chain interruptions, brand damage, and adverse stakeholder relations.
Familiarize yourself with the potential risks by downloading our whitepaper.