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VeriSource™ Computer-Based Training Libraries

VeriSource™ Computer-Based Training (CBT) Libraries help hiring clients and their contractors more efficiently deliver critical training to their workforce and satisfy regulatory-driven training requirements.

VeriSource™ Computer-Based Training (CBT) Libraries help hiring clients and their contractors more efficiently deliver critical training to their workforce and satisfy regulatory-driven training requirements.

Efficiently & cost-effectively deliver critical training

Deliver courses to employees through VeriSource™, or within your company’s own enterprise learning management system using the AICC e-learning integration protocol

Easily provide training to workers in geographically-dispersed locations, minimizing training-related travel and maximizing your workforce’s time in the field

Save time and money by using VeriSource™ CBT courses as part of your OQ, drug and alcohol, and safety compliance programs or new hire onboarding, eliminating the need to develop training content on your own

Maximize training relevancy, engagement, and ease-of-use

Ensure training is highly-relevant with our CBT courses designed specifically for energy & utilities companies, incorporating industry-specific content and real-world photos, and reflecting the latest industry developments, technologies, and regulatory requirements

Maximize trainee engagement and understanding with our interactive courses that include elements such as games, simulations, knowledge checks, and a required final exam

Meet the training needs of a diverse workforce with varying levels of computer literacy using our simple-to-navigate courses, some of which are available in both English and Spanish

Simplify training recordkeeping and capture a defensible history of compliance with PHMSA and OSHA training requirements

Automatically capture all CBT course results as part of each individual’s record in VeriSource™, eliminating time-consuming and less-reliable manual tracking activities

Easily maintain records of training/testing completion that provide an auditable history of compliance with DOT/PHMSA and OSHA training requirements

Integrate VeriSource™ with your enterprise HR or learning management system to centralize visibility into training/testing records

Use our CBT courses in conjunction with VeriSource™ Training Management or your own enterprise learning management system, allowing you to assign courses to employees and easily monitor and track their progress

Strengthen worker critical safety training & elevate performance

Offer the Veriforce Learn 75 topic Safety Bytes Library of “bite size” training courses that feature one important aspect of safety with a quiz to ensure comprehension. 

This library reinforces and supports content learned through more comprehensive training courses and serves as a valuable tool for both the employer and the worker. In addition to being brief and readily available, each subject can be re-accessed to refresh your worker on important safety topics.

Veriforce helps you gain real time visibility into employee training and performance by easily assigning and tracking courses to increase skills as well as satisfy/supplement safety meeting requirements. 

Grow your worker safety skills with Safety Bytes, email trainingsales@veriforce.com or call 888.482.9101 to get started today.

Leverage our extensive library of more than 285 CBT courses to help satisfy regulatory requirements, drive safety improvements, quickly build and enhance your team’s technical skills, and more efficiently leverage Veriforce® software and services.

Covered Task CBT Library

175+ courses review the knowledge and skills needed to correctly perform covered tasks and how to recognize and react to AOCs (Abnormal Operating Conditions)

Safety CBT Library

80+ pipeline-specific courses, available in English and Spanish, help improve employees’ safety awareness and satisfy OSHA training requirements

Pipeline Skills 101 CBT Library

30 courses for crew members new to the industry that help quickly build knowledge across key areas such as corrosion, valves, pipeline/plant operations, and more

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor CBT Library

Free Reasonable Suspicion for Drugs and Reasonable Suspicion for Alcohol training courses satisfy DOT/PHMSA D&A program requirements

DOT CBT Library

Free courses support DOT compliance, including Fatigue Awareness Training for Pipeline Control Room Supervisors, Fatigue Awareness Training for Pipeline Control Room Personnel, How to Prepare for a DOT Field Inspection, Veriforce® Supervisor/Inspector Training, AOC General Gas Training, and AOC General Liquids Training

VeriSource CBT Library

These courses, including How to Use and Print an FVR, How to Submit D&A Stats, and Desktop Audit Help, help clients more effectively use Veriforce® software and services

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