Why Veriforce Was Named a Core Contractor Safety Platform with Unique Capabilities

Companies rely heavily on third-party contractors for hazardous work, which presents a variety of contractor management challenges, including preventing worker injuries, protecting the company’s reputation, ensuring regulatory compliance, and mitigating potential financial risk if an incident does occur. Not surprisingly, a contractor safety program has become a key component of corporate risk management, and organizations are uber focused on getting it right.

In fact, Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in EHS, found that 91% of operations decision makers consider software for contractor safety management “very significant” or “significant” for operational excellence. After a detailed evaluation of Veriforce and our software and services, Verdantix named Veriforce a “holistic contractor safety management solution with digital innovation” in its recent report.

  • Veriforce is a market leader, helping hiring clients and contractors improve jobsite safety.
    Veriforce works with more than 350 hiring clients, many of them the largest players in the energy sector, allowing us to bring deep energy expertise to the table. We gather, verify, and analyze the safety data of more than 25,000 contractor companies and 1.5 million workers, enabling hiring clients to quickly and easily identify safety-conscious contractors who meet their hiring requirements.
  • Our platform significantly speeds prequalification assessments.
    The Veriforce platform improves the contractor prequalification process for both sides. Contractors can easily submit safety stats such as their Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and upload details on their safety programs, certifications, certificates of insurance, and more. This valuable data is easily accessed by hiring clients, enabling them to quickly identify contractors that have met their safety requirements and other hiring criteria. This leads to faster, more effective hiring decisions.
  • Customizable dashboard helps hiring clients select and monitor contractors.
    A contractor’s risk status, based on each hiring client’s unique scoring model, along with the important safety information and documents included above, are available in an easy-to-digest dashboard. Safety managers, project managers, procurement professionals, and other staff can search for potential contractors, weed out those that don’t meet their qualifications, and connect with contractors that they would like to hire.
  • Predictive analysis helps avoid costly, and potentially deadly, incidents.
    Working with predictive analytics safety experts, Veriforce developed and provides a powerful model that predicts — with 92% accuracy — the likelihood of a contractor employee being involved in a recordable incident within the next 30 days. This insight helps hiring clients more effectively manage risk and make smart hiring decisions.
  • Comprehensive Operator Qualification (OQ) solution improves pipeline safety.
    Verdantix identified our OQ solution as “the most comprehensive in the market.” It’s for good reason. Our OQ solution helps pipeline operators streamline the administration and recordkeeping of their program to demonstrate contractors’ compliance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Operator Qualification Rule. Pipeline operators can easily verify and document a contractor’s qualification to perform a covered task before they go to work.
  • DOT & Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol compliance management centralized with other contractor management details.
    Our solution gives hiring clients visibility into contractors’ DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol compliance programs. The ability to view this aspect of contractor compliance alongside other hiring criteria was cited as a huge time savings for Veriforce clients.
  • Expert services further enhance contractor safety management.
    Veriforce provides a host of valuable services to help contractors strengthen their safety programs and regulatory compliance, including:
    • Audits of contractors’ safety programs, D&A programs, and OQ personnel
    • Consulting services
    • More than 400 instructor-led and computer-based training courses
  • Veriforce is further ahead than most in delivering worker-centric solutions.
    With the knowledge that workers, not organizations, ultimately cause incidents, many companies are beginning to focus beyond prequalification checks of organizations and looking to real-time solutions focused on an individual worker’s qualifications. Verdantix points out that our proven experience with worker-level solutions–for example, verifying individual-level qualifications as part of our PHMSA Operator Qualification solution and our PEC Card solution that enables verification of training credentials when a worker comes on site–position Veriforce ahead of the pack when it comes to vetting worker-level compliance and readiness-to-work.

Verdantix Says the Best is Yet to Come

According to the Verdantix report, as the demand for bullet-proof contractor safety management continues, Veriforce is well positioned to build on its offerings and solidify its leadership role, further improving risk management through stronger safety management. For more information about how Veriforce can help you strengthen your contractor safety management program, contact us today!

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