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Since 1950, this large upstream oil and gas company has been a steady player in the industry, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of exploration and production with resilience and innovation. With a focus on unconventional oil and natural gas properties, it has continually expanded its footprint, particularly in the Permian Basin, where it now boasts an impressive 145,000 net acres.

In the heart of West Texas, this company’s innovative operations leverage horizontal drilling and their pioneering co-development model to unlock the region’s rich potential. From the oil-weighted Delaware Basin to the Midland Basin’s fertile grounds, this Veriforce hiring client explores multiple intervals, driving forward with determination and strategic vision.

The Challenge

As a Veriforce client for the past eight years, this business has had success with many of our products including our Expert Services. But while it looked to the future, and continued to expand its operations, it faced challenges that are common among growing companies. Its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department found itself grappling with manpower shortages amidst organizational restructuring. With limited resources and a revolving door of contractors, the traditional in-person orientation process became a bottleneck, taking up precious time and energy.

The Veriforce Solution

Recognizing their situation, Veriforce quickly offered a game-changing solution: online orientation through VeriforceOne. Collaborating closely with this client, Veriforce got to work to revolutionize its orientation process by:

Customization: Tailoring the orientation to their specific needs, Veriforce ensured seamless integration with its platform, VeriforceOne.

Resource Creation: Equipping them with the necessary assets, both internal and external, Veriforce laid the groundwork for a smooth transition, empowering them to embrace a new digital format with confidence.

Training Development: Hand-in-hand with our client’s team, Veriforce navigated the complexities of transitioning from traditional methods to an online format, ensuring a seamless and efficient rollout.

We’ve not only saved significant time and resources but also empowered our team to focus on what truly matters – ensuring the safety of our workers.

-Representative, Oil & Gas Company


By transitioning to online orientation, this company unlocked a wealth of efficiencies.

No longer bound by the constraints of in-person sessions, contractors seamlessly navigated through the orientation process, freeing the EHS department from the burden of manual delivery. The time savings were quickly apparent, with them reclaiming approximately 20 man-hours per week – an excellent result for a team operating under constraints.

This newfound efficiency did not require additional hires. Veriforce’s streamlined workflows empowered both contractors and the hiring client’s employees, fostering a relationship that thrived in the digital age. With the inefficiency of manual orientation lifted, their EHS department could redirect their focus to ensuring the safety of workers in the field, where their expertise was truly indispensable.

“Veriforce’s online orientation solution has been a game-changer for us. By moving our orientation process online, we’ve not only saved significant time and resources but also empowered our team to focus on what truly matters – ensuring the safety of our workers. It’s been a great partnership that drives efficiency and excellence in our operations.”

The Right Partner Can Strengthen Your Safety Culture

The results of the partnership between the hiring client and Veriforce are proof that the right technology can truly transform your operations and it’s easy to get started. Not only did this collaboration improve the orientation process, but it also inspired a path toward a safer, more efficient future for our client.

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