Designing an Effective Contractor Qualification Program

Ensuring your contractors are adequately qualified for the job at hand is not a small task.

In this eBook, you will learn the added value of working with an expert partner that streamlines your contractor qualification program to drive safety and compliance into your supply chains and down to the worker-level.

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Although the benefits of hiring contractors are plenty — increased jobsite safety, flexibility, specialist skills, and reduced full-time talent costs — managing third-party risk can be costly. A decentralized effort often leads to suboptimal results due to inefficient processes, scattered data and disparate compliance processes.

One of the most effective ways to deal with this challenge is to develop a full-service program, managed through a third-party expert. Veriforce can help you develop a strong and effective contractor qualification program by prequalifying and training contractors from the cornerstone of ensuring properly coordinated safe work.

Explore the following topics as they relate to managing your Contractor Qualification Program.

What a contractor qualification expert can do for you

The benefits of using an outsourced program

Your contractor qualification program partner checklist