Podcast: Burnout in the Safety Profession | The Risk Matrix – Episode 03

Watch Episode 3 Now: “Burnout in the Safety Profession”
Feeling the burnout? Discover the WHY’s and SOLUTIONS to overcome burnout in the safety profession with James Junkin and Dr. Martin on the latest episode of the Risk Matrix podcast!

The Risk Matrix is your premier destination for insightful discussions on risk management and health and safety, with captivating topics, insightful strategies, and more. Hosted by James Junkin MS, CSP, MSP, SMS, ASP, CSHO Chief Executive Officer at Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services, Veriforce Master Trainer, and Chairman of the Veriforce Strategic Advisory Board and Dr. Linda Martin, PhD, MBA, PMP, CIH, CSP, a Technical Expert in Health and Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Risk, Auditing/Inspection, and ESG.

We help companies optimize contractor and supplier management processes, resulting in improved safety metrics, reduced risk, time and cost-savings.

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