New OQ FAQs + Expanded PHMSA Gas Gathering Requirement

Learn About New Changes to the Rules to Increase Contractor Safety and Prevent Incidents.

Are You OQ Compliant?
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Contractor safety and environmental protection are top priorities in our industry, which means rules and guidelines need to be adjusted on occasion to keep workers, contractors and surrounding communities safe. Our experts break down the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) latest updates for oil and gas operators, making it easier for you to understand where changes need to be made in your operations and training practices.

Explanation of the Operator Qualification (OQ) Rule FAQs

Discover and understand the differences between the original rule and the updated FAQs – and its implications for oil and gas operators today.

5 Best Practices to Achieve OQ Compliance

Our expert provides guidance on how to maintain compliance and incorporate training, as cited in the FAQs.

Explanation of the New PHMSA Gas Gathering Lines

Details the expanded rule and provides best practices for getting started on preparing your organization for compliance.