SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic

SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic is a one-day safety orientation that is accredited by both SafeLand™ and SafeGulf. This course meets API RP 75 and API RP T-1. In this course, students will learn about hazards they may encounter in their workplace and become familiar with various practices to mitigate those hazards. Students will also gain understanding of their rights under OSHA and how those rights apply to their workplace.

Meet Contractor Safety Training Requirements

  • Reduce incidents through accredited SafeLand orientation and awareness training.
  • Learn about the hazards encountered in the oil & gas industry.
  • Avoid wasted days of costly redundant training.
  • Gain extensive environmental health and safety orientation knowledge.
  • Obtain a credential that is recognized and required by industry-leading owners and clients.
  • Customize worker credentials with photo ID cards, digital barcodes, and completed training and certifications on the Veriforce badge.

One Day SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic Orientation

SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic orientation explains the hazards that workers may encounter in the oil and gas industry along with the various practices employed to mitigate those hazards. This SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf accredited one-day safety orientation also meets 30CFR 250 and API RP T-1 requirements. Students will also gain a clear understanding of their rights under OSHA and how those rights apply to their workplace.

In the days before SafeLand, the oil and gas industry would have to pull untrained workers and send them directly to the rig site. It was often the case that new hires would go straight to work with very little training if any. The phenomenon of drinking from a firehose has given the oil and gas industry a reputation of being both challenging and dangerous. While on the job training will always be important in the oilfield, pre-job oil and gas training is becoming more and more important and safety records reflect those efforts.


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Who Needs SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic Orientation?

The benefits of SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic Orientation are not limited to the oil and gas industry that requires it. This course serves as a robust supplement to your safety program and covers several OSHA-required regulatory topics and procedures. If your company is currently or considering expanding to service the oil and gas industry, the SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic is an excellent introduction to the unique hazards and procedures associated with the industry.

SafeLandUSA 2021 Basic Orientation

This program incorporates the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) rules and identifies activities most likely to result in a serious accident or fatality.


SafeLand USA 2021 Basic Orientation course detail

  • Course length: Full-day, 6.5 hour course
  • Delivery method: Available in-person and through instructor-led distance learning
  • Timeline: One-time
  • Meets standards:
    • SafeLand
    • SafeGulf (30 CFR 250 (SEMS II) & American Petroleum Institute (API RP T-1)
    • OSHA 29 CFR 1910
    • OSHA 29 CFR 1926
    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
    • Upon completion: Trainees are issued a physical and digital Veriforce photo ID card and entered into the Veriforce training database



Completion Information

Upon successful completion of the course and competency exam, all students are issued a physical and digital Veriforce ID card with their name, company name, picture, barcode, and completed course. All students are automatically entered into the Veriforce training database where your company’s clients and auditors can view proof of completion.

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Veriforce maintains close relationships with oil and gas site owners and operators along with Safeland, SafeGulf, ANSI, API, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies to ensure courses are always up to date with the latest regulations, standards, and technologies that impact our industry.  As a Veriforce instructor, you can be confident you’re delivering comprehensive, current information to your workforce.

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Enjoy a dashboard view of your workforce and have confidence that your employees, as well as your subcontractors, are fully trained, competent, and ready to go to work.

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Veriforce provides limited Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions) to each authorized Veriforce Learn instructor for $500,000 to assist in providing legal protection and reducing an instructor’s insurance costs.

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As an authorized Instructor, you have access to our extensive library of monthly safety meetings. These safety meeting files can be utilized as tools to engage, assist, and educate workers.

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Veriforce’s Safety Training courses are the most recognized and widely accepted in the oil and gas industry. Whether you are an owner, operator, contractor, or instructor, Veriforce offers a high-quality, instructor-led, comprehensive, and accredited safety orientation tailored to the specific hazards of working in oil and gas and many other industries.