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April 15, 2024

Veriforce Solves Worker Compliance Challenges with Veriforce WorkerPass

HOUSTON TX – April 15, 2024 – Veriforce, the industry’s fastest-growing provider of supply chain risk and compliance management solutions, has announced the launch of Veriforce WorkerPass, an innovative software solution designed to enable workers and streamline the process of verifying workers’ qualifications and certifications in real-time.

Veriforce WorkerPass leverages advanced technology to streamline employee and contractor onboarding, ensuring compliance, optimizing workforce efficiency, and addressing the growing demand for stricter workforce compliance and site access.

With Veriforce WorkerPass, workers can effortlessly validate their identity and qualifications, fostering transparent data sharing with employers to mitigate risk effectively. Companies can rest assured that on-site workers are accurately identified, possess the required training and certifications, and are in good standing.

Key Benefits of Veriforce WorkerPass

  • Enhanced Site Access Control: Granular access control ensures compliance with workforce regulations.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Streamlined onboarding verifies worker qualifications, training, and certifications. It also provides drug screening and background checks.
  • Real-time Data Access: Integration with existing systems provides centralized and trusted worker data.
  • Dynamic Configurability: Tailored verification and services accommodate varying compliance needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Convenient web and mobile enhanced UI deliver accessibility for a seamless experience.

“We are excited to integrate Veriforce WorkerPass into our contractor management solution,” said Colby Lane, CEO of Veriforce. “This reinforces our commitment to providing companies with the tools they need to bring home workers safe while improving performance and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Through Veriforce WorkerPass, we can provide our customers with a game-changing platform for tracking worker competencies, qualifications, and certifications, leading to a safer workforce and ultimately, a safer job site.”

One of the primary benefits of Veriforce WorkerPass is its ability to allow workers to take their qualifications with them wherever they work while providing hiring companies with even greater worker-level insights as part of their daily operations. It’s a single source of truth for important worker-level information, which may include safety training, drug testing, competency testing, and fatigue management solutions. The result is a more productive workforce.

Early beta testing indicates incredible results for global companies needing to increase efficiency in their processes and overall safety on the job site. A recent case study with Southern Power demonstrates the profound impact with an initial cost savings of several hundred thousand dollars at just seven sites after integrating Veriforce WorkerPass into their operations.

Veriforce WorkerPass is a valuable addition to Veriforce’s contractor management solution, which will help customers stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly regulated business environment.

About Veriforce

Veriforce® is a recognized leader in delivering comprehensive, integrated supply chain risk management solutions that help bring workers home safely and optimize business performance. The company’s SaaS safety and compliance platform, data integrity and verification practices, and standardized safety training programs empower leading organizations to drive safety and compliance into their supply chains and down to the worker level.

As the world’s largest supply chain risk management network, Veriforce partners with over 3,200 hiring companies in over 130 countries, serving more than 80,000 contractors, over 7,000 authorized instructors and evaluators, and millions of individual workers. This network makes Veriforce (including Veriforce CHAS) the preferred partner for companies that strive to ensure a safe, qualified third-party workforce. Company offices are in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, the U.K., and Australia. For more information, visit veriforce.com.

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Lisa Shaw
Chief Marketing Officer

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