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July 9, 2013

Veriforce Launches Control Room Management (CRM) Training for New PHMSA CRM Rules

HOUSTON, TEXAS – July 9, 2013 – Veriforce launches Control Room Management (CRM) training for new PHMSA CRM rules.

“Veriforce provides multiple tools that are needed to efficiently implement the new PHMSA Control Room Management Rules. We provide a solid solution for easy access of documents, records, and resources for Operators in the energy industry,” said President of Veriforce, Louie Werderich.

Veriforce can tailor Control Room Management training to Operator specific policies and procedures for the following topics required by the CRM Regulations.

  • Normal, Abnormal, and Emergency Operations – Controller Roles and Responsibilities and Controller Response
  • Use of RP 1165 in development and maintenance of SCADA system Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays
  • Conducting point-to-point verification of SCADA points
  • Internal Communications processes and procedures
  • Testing Backup SCADA or HMI Systems processes and procedures
  • Controller Handover procedures
  • Fatigue Mitigation policies and procedures
  • Management of alarms and volume and content of information provided to the Controller
  • Change management processes and procedures
  • Operating experiences that may have been caused or contributed to by the control room including topics such as:
    • Field equipment
    • Procedure issues
    • SCADA system performance
    • SCADA configuration issues
    • Operation of a relief device
    • Controller fatigue
  • Record keeping requirements processes and procedures

“Veriforce’s commitment to providing quality safety training is unparalleled in the industry, going far beyond the standard safety training programs. Developing extensive safety training programs that produce results and contribute to the safety of workers and the environment is a priority at Veriforce,” stated Werderich.

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