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November 15, 2016

Veriforce Introduces Pipeline Skills 101 Computer-Based Training Library

HOUSTON, November 15, 2016 – Veriforce®, the only single-source provider of integrated Operator Qualification (OQ), Drug and Alcohol, and Safety compliance management solutions for energy & utilities companies, today announces the launch of its VeriSourceTM Pipeline Skills 101 Computer-Based Training (CBT) Library, a collection of online training courses specifically designed to help workers who are new to the pipeline industry quickly get up to speed on key pipeline operations concepts. The new courses, which are viewed on-demand through VeriSource, the company’s web-based compliance management software, complement on-the-job training for new pipeline employees and provide a solid foundation of knowledge for covered task training associated with OQ compliance programs.

Organizations across the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the energy & utilities industry are facing the retirement of long-time pipeline employees and struggling to find replacement workers who have both pipeline experience and the necessary technical skills. In many cases, companies are having to recruit from outside the pipeline industry to meet their labor needs and then develop new hire training programs that teach the fundamentals of pipeline operations and safety.

“These types of programs can be costly, particularly when they require sending trainers or other subject matter experts around the country to train a widely-distributed pipeline workforce,” explained Louie Werderich, president, Veriforce. “Our objective with the Pipeline Skills 101 CBT Library was to provide energy & utilities companies and contractors with a highly-efficient and cost-effective way to train new employees on the basics of working on a pipeline.”

The Pipeline Skills 101 CBT Library includes 30 courses that cover a range of critical learning areas for new pipeline workers, including pipeline and plant operations, corrosion, valves, pressure/flow regulation and gas measurement, electrical fundamentals, and mechanical/compression concepts and equipment. The courses, which each average 15 to 20 minutes in length, incorporate a combination of real-world photography and custom animations to clearly break down and illustrate key pipeline principles. Interactive knowledge checks within the courses keep trainees engaged and improve comprehension, and, upon completion of each course, a final exam is provided to measure and validate the trainee’s understanding of the course material. A record of training and exam results is then automatically captured in the VeriSource system for each trainee. A brochure containing a detailed list of all Pipeline Skills 101 courses and a brief video highlighting the library’s content and features are accessible on the Veriforce website.

“When developing this course library, we were extremely focused on helping companies balance the need to deliver critical training against the demand to maximize the productivity of their workforce out in the field. It’s absolutely by design that each course very succinctly delivers the essential information to know about each core pipeline topic,” commented Debbie Midgley, training manager, Veriforce. “With this CBT library, we’re also able to save companies the time and cost of having to develop this type of technical training content themselves, plus eliminate the administrative hassles that come with manually tracking employees’ training completion.”

For more information about the VeriSource Pipeline Skills 101 CBT Library, please call 1-800-426-1604 or e-mail sales@veriforce.com.

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