Safety-focused leadership training from safety experts

Successful safety supervisors understand the gravity of proper safety training, especially in high-hazard occupations.

These effective leaders are created through on-the-job experience, exceptional training, and an appreciation of each team members’ value. But, unlike traditional management roles, the safety industry demands the unique characteristics of its supervisors.

How do leaders keep their teams focused on preventative safety measures while managing multiple personalities?

What’s the best way to handle difficult situations, especially in an offshore or underground facility?

And how do good supervisors lead by example, without succumbing to common management pitfalls?

Most leadership orientations currently on the market are not customized for safety professionals who are looking to advance in a leadership role – until now.

PEC Safe Supervisor is a safety-focused leadership orientation developed by safety experts, for safety experts. This one-day orientation-level course helps lead new supervisors down the path of successful safety management while providing current and potential safety leaders the foundational knowledge needed to perform at supervisory level.

Safe Supervisor meets several industry standard assessments. As required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Standard 1960.55, supervisory training “should include introductory and specialized courses and materials which will enable supervisors to recognize and eliminate, or reduce, occupational safety and health hazards in their working units.” With Safe Supervisor, all current and prospective safety leaders are taught by safety experts with a safety focus.

Our course focuses on the basic fundamentals of good leadership, responsibilities of a safety advisor in a safety environment, handling difficult situations, effective communication skills, and other common supervisor challenges. Developed by safety experts, PEC Safe Supervisor is the best-value safety-focused management training on the market.

Safe Supervisor incorporates instructor-led classroom training with digital, self-paced components. This blended learning technique caters to the unique learning styles of each student. Self-paced learning breaks down traditional teaching methods offering   students flexible options. With access to current technological resources, we’ve tailored sections of our industry-leading safety programs to each individual.

Developed exclusively for the safety industry, PEC Safe Supervisor is the gold standard leadership training for Safety professionals. To find out how Safe Supervisor can improve your management team, visit the course information page.