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September 3, 2021

Managing the Big Three in Offshore Compliance

With the changing trends of energy supply and consumption come adaptation and altered business models of oil and gas companies, respectively. While producers look to the future and carve out new stakes in this new frontier of renewable energy, one prominent factor has remained the same regarding the offshore oil and gas sector and its compliance. No matter where the industry might go within the next ten years, offshore producers live in the here and now.

Being selected to conduct business offshore as a service company comes with great rewards but sometimes challenges, as well. Clearing the hurdles of securing the work is only one step in a winding staircase that seems to meander on and on for a continuous period – service procurement results from the painstaking task of proving compliance and then maintaining that condition. Different segments mandated by the customer bring compliance, but only when fulfilled.

Known widely across the blue waters of impressive depths as SEMS, Safety and Environmental Management Systems exist as a performance-based method designed to heighten operations’ safety and environmental performance by integrating and managing work practices. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), which regulates compliance, stipulates an abundance of elements or requirements that must be met to maintain compliance.

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