How Veriforce Empowers one of the Largest Midstream Energy Companies

North American company sees substantial return managing contractor safety and compliance within a singular platform


Lacking visibility into all aspects of contractor safety and compliance

How does one of the largest and most diversified midstream energy companies in North America ensure the safety and ongoing compliance of over 3,000 contractors working across multiple job sites? Prior to partnering with Veriforce, the publicly-traded company didn’t have an efficient, cost-effective way to manage the ongoing risk.

Despite working with a well-known contractor management provider, ISN, the company was saddled with inefficient processes, lacked visibility into critical contractor data, and was not receiving the quality of support it needed to protect workers, the company, and its reputation.

ISN handled the insurance verification and safety aspect of contractor compliance, which meant the midstream energy company had to leverage a second platform for verifying Operator Qualification (OQ). Its team had to move between platforms, draining its time with inefficient processes. The team spent 60 percent or more of each day managing the unwieldy approach, instead of focusing on the important part of their job—risk management.

“We were so busy finding and managing data that we risked not recognizing at-risk contractors on time,” says the company’s procurement director. “ISN fought with our team for months on end about how we needed to view our certificates of insurance, and our legal department was fighting back saying we have to do it in a different way.”

This lack of visibility into contractor safety meant that the company wasn’t adequately managing contractors or the risk they exposed. Complicated, cumbersome tools and processes added to the problem. For instance, contractors working on-site require very specific contracts, but a confusing questionnaire system made it difficult for the operator to understand which contract was required, creating a dangerous risk—the possibility of insufficiently protecting workers and job sites.

With human lives and corporate reputation on the line, this leading midstream energy company knew it was time to find a true partner that provides complete visibility into all aspects of contractor safety and compliance. It needed seamless, efficient ways to manage risk and ensure safety. Fortunately, the company’s OQ department was already working with Veriforce and recognized an opportunity to add contractor management to the solution, creating a singular, efficient platform for managing risk.


360° view into every aspect of contractor safety and compliance

Veriforce configured a solution with everything the company needed to manage contractor safety and ensure compliance within one comprehensive platform. The solution includes standardized safety questionnaires, audits, OSHA records and safety statistics, man-hour reporting, training compliance, safety program evaluations, document management, and Master Service Agreement (MSA) specific insurance verifications and management.

“Everything we need to know about our contractor compliance is housed within the Veriforce system and is easily accessible. Now we have a holistic view of important information instead of having to jump between multiple locations to find what we need, when we need it,” says its procurement director.

Leveraging unique industry expertise, Veriforce worked alongside the company’s teams to develop customized processes to fit the company’s needs and workflows and align with industry and legal requirements.

“We understand this leading midstream energy company’s business and the industry it serves,” said Sandra Cashe, Chief Customer Officer at Veriforce. “Our unique domain expertise, our unparalleled support, and our innovative platform empower them to protect their workers and better manage risk.”

The company’s teams can now access information whenever they need it, and have assurance that it is accurate and up to date. Configurable dashboards provide timely, mission-critical insights on contractors’ ongoing compliance, enabling teams to make strategic decisions to better protect the company and its workers.

“Most of our customers think that transitioning their entire third-party workforce to a new platform is daunting, but Veriforce has a seamless onboarding process that ensured our operations continued to run smoothly as everyone adopted the new platform,” says its procurement director.

With Veriforce’s comprehensive contractor management solution, industry expertise, and support teams, this leading midstream energy company now has a 360° view into every aspect of contractor safety and compliance, empowering the company to reduce its overall risk profile and gain a competitive edge in the energy marketplace.

“Veriforce analyzed our risk profile, looked at what other industry players are doing differently, and made strategic recommendations on how we can make improvements to better manage risk,” says its procurement director. “Their expertise and guidance made a huge difference for our team and in turn our business.”


28% reduction in TRIR, enhanced risk mitigation, and $6.8MM in cost savings per year for supplier network

Partnering with Veriforce revolutionized this company’s contractor management processes. Within the past year, Veriforce processed more than 2,500 OSHA verifications and 2,700 EMR verifications, and made nearly 11,000 Insurance Compliance contacts on its behalf.

Veriforce also saves the company upwards of 40 hours each week by providing easier access to critical insights.

“I spend 25 to 30 percent of my time in the Veriforce platform compared to when I spent 60 percent of my time inside the previous system,” says its procurement director. “My team now has more time to focus on improving our business by helping contractors improve their safety and manage ongoing risk.”

More accurate and user-friendly questionnaires and more comprehensive contractor training have helped the company reduce its contractor TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) by 28 percent since implementation two years prior. By switching to Veriforce, the company has also collectively saved its suppliers over $6.8 million each year in subscription fees.

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