7 Key Reasons Companies Switch to Veriforce

Thousands of companies rely on Veriforce’s comprehensive, integrated, supply chain risk management solutions to help bring their workers home safely each day.

Our contract worker management and compliance software solutions, data integrity and verification, coupled with hundreds of safety training programs empower leading organizations to drive safety and compliance down to the worker level and enable better business.

We help safety-conscious companies monitor their entire workforce including vendors, suppliers and contract workers are qualified to make job sites safer, more productive, and achieve optimal business performance.

When we welcome new clients to the Veriforce Network, we are always interested in the reasons they decided to switch. Through multiple customer interviews for those who have switched, we’ve learned the top reasons they choose Veriforce for compliance management.

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1 | World Class Support and Onboarding

Proven to improve compliance outcomes and save time. Your contractors are integral to your business, and they should be treated like it. Providing proper support to your contractors is essential to their participation. Clients who have switched from ISN to Veriforce have seen substantial improvements to their contractor participation and other key measures of success. For example:

  • One client who switched from ISN noticed an improvement of 30% in their overall compliance score, attributing our support efforts to increase contractor participation as a key reason why.
  • Another saved 8 hours a week, no longer having to supplement any contractor support on their end.

2 | Predictive Analytics

Better predict at-risk contractors and prevent incidents. Our tool leverages data from our entire network and can calculate an individualized predictive rank for each contractor. This ranking serves as a leading indicator that hiring clients can use to help better focus their resources to mitigate safety risk.

3 | Single Platform to Manage Both Suppliers and Contractors

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms. We can act as one partner for all your third-party company’s risk and compliance management needs at every stage of the contractor or supplier lifecycle.

4 | Track Workforce Training

Streamline your digital training by tracking all contractor information in one place. Verify and track individual progress of online training for onboarding and other industry-specific needs. Access to pre-built training libraries supported by a network of safety training instructors and tailored safety programs built for each client.

5 | True Configurability

Score contractors based on your own criteria. We have a partnership approach to ensure we build to meet your unique requirements, can integrate with your other existing systems, and the flexibility to scale with you as your needs evolve.

6 | Expertise for Insurance, Compliance, and Regulatory Needs

Verify insurance with confidence and get consulting assistance to assess your safety programs. While we provide a digital platform, our services go beyond computer automated assistance.  Instead of software to validate insurance, we have certified insurance professionals reviewing your documents. In addition, our team brings a wealth of expertise to assess your safety programs.

7 | Affordability

We remove barriers so everyone can achieve excellence together, even your smallest partners. Hiring clients who have switched from ISN have seen savings of over $25k, as well as 30% savings for their contractors.

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