A few words from the people who trust Veriforce for their safety and compliance risk management.

Veriforce contractor management services is the key driver of our successful contractor evaluation and selection process. There is no better contractor management service in the oil and gas industry. Veriforce’s system and its customer-driven team make things happen effectively for ourselves and our critical contractor partners.

Matthew Eales
Lucid Energy

Veriforce has given us a platform to successfully manage our service providers and continue to put the highest emphasis on safety which is our #1 value.

Andrew Harrison
Senior GIS Specialist, Nine Point

Veriforce’s customer’s service is top notch!


Veriforce’s website platform is very user friendly for customers that serve as an operator and a contractor, as well as a PEC Learn Instructor. You can easily toggle between sites without having multiple log-ins and websites to remember. Feedback from many of our contractors prefer Veriforce’s platform over other compliance sites due to its versatility and ease of use. This is why so many customers have been making the change to manage their compliance, and is also why Select Energy Services chose Veriforce to manage all aspects of our multiple business unit companies compliance.

Hallie Butler
Senior Corporate Compliance and Environmental Manager, Select Energy

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