Spotlight on Giving Back to the Community: Veriforce’s Paul Upshaw Leads by Example

“Hold a door open, give a compliment on a job well done, or even pick up a piece of trash in a parking lot. These little things may not seem like much, but all of us doing the smallest things makes a huge impact when you bring them together.”

These wise and inspiring words come from Veriforce’s Paul Upshaw, a dedicated Veriforce employee for more than 10 years who currently leads our Product Development, User Interface and User Experience teams. This month, we shine a spotlight on Paul for his commitment to the hometown he shares with Veriforce, Covington, Louisiana, a community he has watched grow from a two-lane road to a busy city of over 10,000 people. 

Here, with pride and gratitude, we share a look at Paul’s commitment to giving back:When his daughter Jocelyn began treatment for leukemia at the Children’s Hospital New Orleans in 2016, Paul began volunteering there to show his appreciation for the kindness shown to his family during a difficult time.

“They saved my daughter’s life, and volunteering there is a way of showing both my appreciation for what they’ve done for my family, and to be involved in the amazing work they do to help children all over Southeast Louisiana,” says Paul. 

Paul also volunteers with Boy Scout Troop 193. “Some of these kids don’t have father figures in their lives, so giving them access to the care and mentorship of other dads is a life-changing opportunity for them,” he says.

What’s more, he also coordinates Veriforce employee blood drives with The Blood Center and encourages his fellow employees to find ways to give back to their communities.

“Volunteering doesn’t need to be a huge commitment,” he says. “Find something small and experience what it is like to give back. Donating blood takes 20 minutes and can save a life. A donation to the food bank can be made for the cost of a soft drink, and will literally fill the belly of a hungry kid, maybe even in your own neighborhood. Start small, ask questions about what you can do to help, and do whatever you’re comfortable with. There aren’t many of us who haven’t received something good from our community, and being a part of giving back to it is immensely rewarding.”

Even during this time of social distancing, Paul encourages others to find ways to continue a commitment to serving others:

“Mental health issues are real, and they’ve been magnified with the isolation that came with COVID-19,” he says. “Talk to your coworkers, friends, and family. You never know what people are dealing with emotionally, and just having someone listen to them can help so much.”

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